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Claim Options

Settlement Class Members have three options for monetary relief. You may only file for one option.

Option 1 − Compensation for MyFord Touch/MyLincoln Touch repairs:

If, during the period of vehicle ownership or lease, your vehicle had at least one MFT Software Repairs from an Authorized Ford Dealer prior to March 28, 2019, you may receive a monetary payment of $100 for 1 repair, $250 for 2 repairs, or $400 for 3 or more repairs.

Because most Class Vehicles received at least one MFT Software Repair, choosing Option 1 is the best option for most people. This is also a good option even for those class members who may not have any service records relating to MFT Software Repairs if Ford’s warranty records reflect such repairs.

Option 2 − Reimbursement of costs for MFT Software Post-Warranty Repairs

If you paid out-of-pocket for one or more software repairs to your MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch within one year after the expiration of your vehicle’s related Extended Warranty, you may receive full reimbursement of the amount you paid for such repairs. Hardware repairs are not covered.

Choose Option 2 if your out-of-pocket repair records indicate you paid more for your post-warranty software repairs than what you would receive under Option 1.

Option 3 − Compensation for Unsatisfactory MFT Performance

Even if no MFT Software Repairs were made during the ownership or lease of your vehicle, you are still eligible to file a claim for $45 in monetary compensation if you experienced two or more instances of “Unsatisfactory Performance” from your MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch before March 28, 2019. “Unsatisfactory performance” means the following types of malfunctions: (1) freezing up, (2) crashing, (3) blacking out, (4) failing to respond to touch and/or voice commands, or (5) a backup camera failure to display the rear camera properly or freezing on a previous image.